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Check this link:


Now compare this to fanfiction.net: http://www.websiteoutlook.com/www.fanfiction.net

Uhm. Quite the return on a $3 million investment, y/y? /sarcasm
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I just saw this post on [livejournal.com profile] fanthropology. In it, [livejournal.com profile] partly_bouncy brought up interesting facts. I thought the whole post was a good companion to this earlier post.

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One issue I haven't seen raised concerning FanLib -- though I haven't read all the meta, and it's doubtful I could -- is that it offers nothing for fans of classic media.

I can understand its attraction for fans of series/franchises like CSI, House, Stargate, Harry Potter, even Star Trek and Star Wars. But what does it offer for fans of series/franchises that are no longer exploitable, and will likely never have a feature film, television movie or novelization made?

The list of fandoms currently "supported" by FanLib appears to be a direct lift from all of FF.net's categories. (I'm basing that on looking at how In the Heat of the Night appears on both FF.net and FanLib: In the heat of the night -- lowercase "h" and lowercase "n" for both. Also, FanLib appears to have the same problem as FF.net, where a series is alphabetized under "a" or "t" if its title begins with "A" or "The".)

So, while not all fans of older series have ported their fic over, the following series have been: Alias Smith & Jones, Bible, Crossing Jordan, Darkwing Duck, Diagnosis: Murder, Dukes of Hazzard, Dungeons and Dragons, Early Edition, Emergency!, Forever Night, Goonies, Greatest American Hero, Happy Days, He-Man, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Judging Amy, Lois & Clark, M*A*S*H, Night Court, Quantum Leap, Operation Petticoat, SeaQuest, Sledge Hammer, Sue Thomas: FBeye, Third Watch, Titanic, UFO, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Voyagers!

The above isn't a complete list, but these were franchises that, at present, looked likely not to be resurrected in film, novelizations (Lee Goldberg apparently has finished the Diagnosis: Murder books) or any other type of media adaptation. Obviously, unless God is coming from on-high, we're not going to see any new sections added to the Bible.

So, what do fans -- and obviously they exist -- of these older commodities hope to gain by posting their fic there? And how would/could FanLib hope to profit from them? Some of these franchises are between 30-40 years old, and both the creators and (some of) the actors have passed on; so, short of a séance or offering a channelling session with Sylvia Browne, the likelihood of getting these fans in touch with the "talent" is slim to none.

In its current form, FanLib can't fulfill its current fannish PR mission of being all things to all fans. In order to provide its corporate sponsors with what they're seeking, FanLib would surely have to narrow its focus. They'd likely have to limit their window of fandoms accepted to within a certain time frame. And/or, they would be the marketing arm of creating buzz and fandomonium for a new series/franchise that fans have presently not been willing to embrace.
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Forum drama. Link goes to FanLib. Highlights:

Further to this point, how do you know what I think about FF.Net? Personally, I think it's the (second) shittiest archieve filled with the (second) shittiest fic this side of GAFF.

bryson (moderator):
Irvine I've done nothing to warrant that kind of a response to you, and I do not tollerate insults on these forums. You addressed me in your previous post as an employee of FanLib and I corrected you.

Please do not take up that tone with myself or any other member of these forums again. That is your warning.

I take extreme offense at your comments and attitude. As I have repeatedly pointed out to the FanLib admins and owners, there are no forum rules or guidelines in place. There is no forums section in the TOS, and there are no rules linked anywhere else on the site. You cannot threaten and warn users about their behavior when there is no code of conduct that they've agreed to follow. I also think you're grossly overreacting, but the most important issue is that you cannot enforce standards that do not exist.

That's right, the people with the TOS That Exploded The Internet, have no forum rules whatsoever. They have moderators to enforce the invisible rules, though.

You're right that there are no actual rules when it comes to this forum. The only issues I have made myself clear on are trolling against other members in insulting and abusive manners. The word we're looking for here is deceny. There are no restrictions on what you want to post about so long as you act in a respective manner.

Respective to deceny? OK then!
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I'm forcing this to be brief, because I really have to finish my essay, damnit.

But something I haven't seen mentioned yet, in regards to fanlib trying to drag FF.N and Livejournal's names through the mud for being for-profit (which FF.N isn't, though LiveJournal is).

FF.N and Livejournal genuinely care about their members (well, it's not Xing's fault that his site's full of shitty fic). So, even if we think the site is horrible (as in the case of FF.N) and never go on it ever again, we still respect it and defend it when it's wronged.

And Livejournal, which definitely is for-profit, clearly treats us as intelligent individuals, cares about us, etc, so much that they've earned our loyalty. Even when a big block of accounts gets suspended (fandom_wank's down so I don't have the links, but there've been some posts on it over the internets) on Livejournal, no one's bitching at them about it, because we tried to see it from their perspective and understand what's going on, we know they didn't have much of a choice, etc, etc.

FanLib, on the other hand, is going so far in the opposite direction that everyone's baffled at how badly they're shooting themselves in the feet. And the legs. And the knees.

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I can't sleep, so I wanted to see if anyone directly brought up the whole fanfic.net passwords/importer getting blocked issues with FanLib on their forums. Since the forum search features suck and there's no way to search for individual posts but only entire topics, I ended up skimming through a big long thread entitled "Problems" where people post bugs with the site.

It turns out that different browsers have different ways of translating linebreaks within our text editor. If you know any HTML, some use BRs and some use Ps.

O rly? What browser doesn't render a line break or a paragraph? I guess he is used to viewing the internet as one big monolithic wall of text.

Anyway, I find no indication that:

1. Anyone has figured out that importing hasn't worked for three days
2. Anyone had any concerns at all about typing in their ff.net password on FanLib

The FanLib user response to this feature was pretty positive, except when reporting bugs with it, which means that they did use it.

Wonder what's going to happen when they notice ff.net outfoxed them.
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I was reading my way through metafandom, and I came across a couple of people honestly enquiring how FanLib was any different to FFN, since both are funded by advertisements. I wrote up a nice, long comment, and then LJ ate it and crashed Safari. So I've lost not only the comment, but who I was replying to in the first place.

But, since writing it out helped me to get my thoughts in order, I thought I might revisit it at my journal.
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Sorry if this is old meme but a skim of the last couple days doesn't reveal anything about it. I figure a lot of people in this comm might be afraid to register a FanLib account like I am, LOL.

But I just found out something interesting from someone who did register an account (link to my journal).

The upload section apparently asks for your fanfiction.net username and password so they can import all your stories from there. Fanfiction.net has responded in kind by requiring image verification at login to prevent bots.


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