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Ah, man. So, this post of jdsampson's was linked in the comments of scarah's latest post. Although it is way too easy to point out the flaws in her arguments-- kind of like kickboxing a hamster-- I am compelled to take a couple of shots. (Warning: this got very, very, very lengthy.)

eta 1: OK, so I was typing on VERY low blood sugar this afternoon & attributed jdsampson's post to Naomi. Naomi didn't write it; jdsampson did. I can't even blame anyone else, because the comment on scarah's post clearly cites jdsampson as the author, and I must have just read some other comment along the way and gotten jdsampson and Naomi mixed up. I have edited the post to replace all occurrences "Naomi" with "jdsampson," but some of the comments may still say "Naomi." Sorry about this.

eta 2: It appears that jdsampson has deleted the post I responded to. It was originally the very first post in the thread. The thread is still there, but her post has disappeared. However, I did quote 90% of it in my own post, so simply by reading the statements in italics, you can piece it together yourself.

Tearing apart arguments behind the cut  )
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All links go to FanLib, now with more craptastic flash "badge" signatures, so be warned. Just don't use more than one badge, or you'll get banned! Because that's so much easier and less drastic than, I don't know, editing your sig for you.

Someone resurrects a month old wanky thread to ask about the review deletion policy.

Mod responds: It is our policy to block comments at the member's request. We feel that while it's important to invite feedback, your space is your own and that each member has the right to manage the content therein as they see fit. Please don't let a blocked comment deter you from leaving feedback. As we all know it's important to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our accomplishments whether we choose to make that experience public or not.

So we want to empower you to control your own space, just not so much that we allow you to delete reviews on your own stories. Also, please keep reviewing even though you typed your fingers to the bone on well thought out concrit and all your reviews got deleted.

Why people don't review more? :( Out of all the things we can blame on FanLib, I'm not sure this is actually one. Though I suppose they could pay staff to review. I nominate Naomi and Mimbo. They would be the fastest since they could just cut and paste. Better yet, write a bot to harvest random reviews off ff.net and post them. I just solved both this problem and the one above it, give me a high paying consultant job. (That is a joke.)

What is this supposed to be about?
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Thanks to this (link goes to FanLib) feature. Now in your forum sig, you can have your fanfic header, complete with the asstastical FanLib icon and background. There is also something that adblock blocked, and I haven't bothered to unblock, so I assume serving your fanfic in this way also costs 1 (one) ad.

Also, more forum members would like to know about the rules (link goes to FanLib). It's taking forever to load on broadband now. I can only offer my most heartfelt apologies for even linking, dear readers. Didn't I already make a cat macro ) about this?

Sure...I guess they allow violence, gay/lesbien, drugs, sex, and profanity but not rude comments huh?

I know I'm glad those are totally all the same, what about you.

Also, go bryson, it's your birthday, gonna party like it's your birthday. (Link goes to FanLib.) He celebrates by assuring us that he likes vagina, and then calling the rest of the male members girls. Jdsampson thinks he is a "real asset to the team." I'm inclined to agree, especially if the statement were truncated by about 14 bytes.

I have to reboot now, this comp is all full of FanLib.
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Are you a guy or a gal? Link goes to FanLib.

- I was incorrect earlier, bryson is male

- As of this posting, even FanLib is 78% female

Fun bryson quotes:

"I feeling like a wolf in the sheep's den."

"You mean good pickins'?"
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Talking about bryson, one of the forum moderators over at FanLib, [livejournal.com profile] stewardess said:
Are you familiar with cat_macros? I am starting to suspect bryson is a cat at the keyboard, because he or she is naturally speaking "kitteh," as the mock cat language is known. Almost everything that mod says would make a lovely cat macro.

Because I haven't slept, I took that as a challenge. Or an assignment. Or something.

Act in a respective manner. )

These were done in a hurry while I was trying to fall asleep, so please feel free to make more and post them in the comments. I'll edit the post to add them to it.
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Forum drama. Link goes to FanLib. Highlights:

Further to this point, how do you know what I think about FF.Net? Personally, I think it's the (second) shittiest archieve filled with the (second) shittiest fic this side of GAFF.

bryson (moderator):
Irvine I've done nothing to warrant that kind of a response to you, and I do not tollerate insults on these forums. You addressed me in your previous post as an employee of FanLib and I corrected you.

Please do not take up that tone with myself or any other member of these forums again. That is your warning.

I take extreme offense at your comments and attitude. As I have repeatedly pointed out to the FanLib admins and owners, there are no forum rules or guidelines in place. There is no forums section in the TOS, and there are no rules linked anywhere else on the site. You cannot threaten and warn users about their behavior when there is no code of conduct that they've agreed to follow. I also think you're grossly overreacting, but the most important issue is that you cannot enforce standards that do not exist.

That's right, the people with the TOS That Exploded The Internet, have no forum rules whatsoever. They have moderators to enforce the invisible rules, though.

You're right that there are no actual rules when it comes to this forum. The only issues I have made myself clear on are trolling against other members in insulting and abusive manners. The word we're looking for here is deceny. There are no restrictions on what you want to post about so long as you act in a respective manner.

Respective to deceny? OK then!


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