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FanLib does not think of itself as a fanfiction archive.

Then what is FanLib? A naked advertising agency wearing a fanfiction archive suit? Yes.

According to partly_bouncy's recent summary of FanLib at fanthropology, the two branches of FanLib -- the fanfiction archive and the writing contest marketing campaigns -- are one big amorphous blob.

If true, this is an about-face since the spring of 2007, when the Williams Brothers frantically distanced the new fanfiction archive venture from the my2centences marketing materials dug up by Mary McNamara and others.

Remember the coloring book comparison, where FanLib assured the intellectual property holders that writing contest participants would stay within the lines? )

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Here's something I missed a while back. Apparently [livejournal.com profile] mimbo, our friend Chris Williams, the CEO of FanLib, was posting to boards defending FanLib to critics without mentioning his affiliation to the company.

Chris' posts on the Lord of the Rings forum, Northern Kingdom.

Apparently he was (ever so politely, I love the Tolkien fans) caught. The members never knew he was the CEO, but they smiled as they noted he was repeating the company line.

I found it here, in a new article about FanLib Social Media and Communities: How Not To Approach Them
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Was on vacation when this whole thing exploded last week. *sigh*

But I have posted the entirety of my email conversation with Naomi and David Williams that occurred back in March when those first solicitation e-mails went around. I'm not posting this for any spiteful reason. I just want to add it to the public record, as it were. Private information (mine and theirs) has been removed.

ETA: Post edited to remove Naomi's last name, per request of David Williams. 5/28/07, 10:40 pm.
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I know this is kind of a lesser question, and probably one that doesn't merit much consideration. But I found myself a little surprised at the fact that, after the interview, we're still no closer to knowing if Naomi ever existed or not.
Not-particularly-academic-commentary back here. )
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I can't sleep, so I wanted to see if anyone directly brought up the whole fanfic.net passwords/importer getting blocked issues with FanLib on their forums. Since the forum search features suck and there's no way to search for individual posts but only entire topics, I ended up skimming through a big long thread entitled "Problems" where people post bugs with the site.

It turns out that different browsers have different ways of translating linebreaks within our text editor. If you know any HTML, some use BRs and some use Ps.

O rly? What browser doesn't render a line break or a paragraph? I guess he is used to viewing the internet as one big monolithic wall of text.

Anyway, I find no indication that:

1. Anyone has figured out that importing hasn't worked for three days
2. Anyone had any concerns at all about typing in their ff.net password on FanLib

The FanLib user response to this feature was pretty positive, except when reporting bugs with it, which means that they did use it.

Wonder what's going to happen when they notice ff.net outfoxed them.
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Sorry if this is old meme but a skim of the last couple days doesn't reveal anything about it. I figure a lot of people in this comm might be afraid to register a FanLib account like I am, LOL.

But I just found out something interesting from someone who did register an account (link to my journal).

The upload section apparently asks for your fanfiction.net username and password so they can import all your stories from there. Fanfiction.net has responded in kind by requiring image verification at login to prevent bots.
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A discussion invitation to anyone who is, or was, a FanLib member. Because I'm curious. Please include:

How you learned about FanLib [email invite or other]

Promotions or contests you found attractive

Impressions of site: ease of use, search functions, etc.

EDIT: I'm a FanLib name squatter, by the way.


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