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Henry Jenkins has recently posted 5 parts of an 8-part article called If It Doesn't Spread It's Dead on his blog. In his words, it is a white paper which was developed last year by the Convergence Culture Consortium on the topic of Spreadable media. Part Four has a small discussion about FanLib.
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...because I am already feeling nostalgic.

FanLib was dismal and depressing, but did we let it get us down? Heck, no. Most of the time, I was laughing so hard I lost beverages. Some of my favorite memories:

1. The Mimbo Brothers (aka Chris and David Williams, FanLib founders) get their asses kicked by a moderator at lotrfanfiction, and learn nothing from it.

2. [livejournal.com profile] icarusancalion reveals FanLib's hilariously inept attempt to recruit her as a fanfic author.

3. [livejournal.com profile] telesilla takes apart the FanLib FAQ, prompting FanLib CEO Mimbo (Chris Williams) to make a spectacular fool of himself in her journal. The Mimbo brothers look even more idiotic when they revise the TOS and FAQ (repeatedly) in the dead of night.

4. [livejournal.com profile] lizbee writes the first Pink Guy/Blue Dude fanfiction, based on FanLib's bizarre marketing, and wins the Internet.

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Got a story? Please share. Because Life Without FanLib is where the stories continue.
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A recent editorial on the Helix/Sanders disaster brings up FanLib's founders as an example of how to totally screw things up when dealing with online fandom: Do Not Tease Nor Feed The Fans at FireFox News.

Quote: If you behave like an ass fandom will notice that you are braying.

This is at least the fourth time I've seen FanLib appear as a disaster anecdote. It seems their reputation as blunderers will be their most lasting legacy.

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So the ruckus forum thread got bumped again, and the newer posts in it represents one of the more irritating fallacies about anyone who has a problem with FanLib.

I too am puzzled by all the venom and brouhaha. TPTB know that in all except the most egregious cases (few and far between) fanfic actually boosts interest in their "product" be it films, tv series, etc and even extends the life of those that are no longer in production. Fanfic writers buy dvd's, novelizations, and attend cons and all of those support fandoms and of course benefit TPTB. High/low profile is a myth anyway... if you can Google for fan fic communities so can Sony and CBS, and Paramount etc.

Of course they can. I don't think anyone believes otherwise. So far, most IP holders have been pretty cool about their stuff getting ficced. They can afford this luxury, since no one's really been you know, throwing investor dollars at promoting the fic and/or shoving it in the creators' faces, which are pretty much the stated goals of FanLib. No one thinks other archives are somehow invisible from TPTB. What concerns many of us is the possible upset of this delicate symbiosis that's worked so well for so long.

I'm not sure how the cooperation between Fanlib and CBS came about but it was kind of like inviting the neighbors to your party to avoid complaints, win/win.

To take this analogy a step further, what if the neighbors get to your party and discover you have naked posters of them hanging in your bathroom? Remember folks, FanLib allows adult stories. And the biggest body of stories there are based on the work of a creator who's said publicly she doesn't appreciate the hard stuff all too much.

I just don't understand the uproar. Fanlib would be shut down already if TPTB had generic fanfic-oriented copyright concerns. I say relax and enjoy!

One more time: FanLib is trying to invent itself as something that is not just another archive. It's not "generic fanfic-oriented copyright concerns" that I think is worrying anyone, except as they may or may not be wielded as leverage once the ball of our very specific FanLib based concerns has dropped.

Next a mod post from the ever-logical bryson:
I have a kind of opinion about this. Seeing the uproar from many fanfiction communities, such as LiveJournal, has given me the impression that they have literally been under a rock for the past decade. Everyone is aware of what goes on here - writing stories based upon literary properties - and yet those who have been doing it for this long seem to believe they have a special place in the internet that is untouchable and unseen.

Kinda silly.

Yes, that's totally it. We believe that TPTB all have magical Net Nanny on their computers which protects us on every site but FanLib. I don't even know what to say about this.

Anything on the web can be found if someone knows where to look. But you're right, given the overwhelming majority of women writing it, TPTB may not have done their homework, or perhaps they're trying to encourage more guys to write

TPTB at FanLib itself? I hope that's what he means.

Blah blah, more bryson having to point out he's male, then another sexist comment to, I guess... punish the others for making him point that out? I just don't know.


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