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Jun. 1st, 2007 12:23 am
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In my journal, here, I have an entry about published fanfiction and RPS by respected author, touching on the FanLib and Strikethrough debates.
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There's too much coincidence going on. Now I know that Fanlib has nothing directly to do with the deletions, but think about the following...

1. Fanlib mess happens. [link]

2. Fandom throws a fit.

3. Mass deletion of 500 ljs [including fandom ljs] reportedly caused by an "unknown" agency [Warriors for Innocence - site with spyware, recommend you don't look it up], while a known agency [Perverted Justice] reported the same concerns over very real pedophiles and lj rebuffed them. [link]

4. "One of the FanLib founders is associated with SixApart, which just so happens to own LJ." [link]

5. Fanlib wants a monopoly on fanfiction to make a profit.

6. LJ deletions have made Fanlib look GOOD according to some people [as someone said, not a threat but an actual attack].

I KNOW that WFI has been after LJ for months, but why now? Why this week? And why did LJ listen NOW? They are backing off, but still everyone is nervous, which again, makes Fanlib somewhat forgotten.

Does it seem farfetched that this is the case? Maybe. Conspiracy Theory-esque? Yeah, sure. But like I said, too much coincidence that this all came down in one week and in the time frame that it did. Remember than Fanlib also asserted that LJ and FFN were also "for-profit" and everyone started jumping in defending Livejournal.

Like I said, I know there's no direct A to B connection, but still... It very easily could be indirectly connected.


May. 30th, 2007 12:53 pm
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By request, I've added the following to my article summing up FanLib:

"On May 28th, in a move that left the fans breathless, dozens of fanfiction and literary journals were deleted for having controversial interests listed, including a Spanish-language Lolita discussion journal, an incest survivors' support group, and a Harry Potter fanfiction group with over 4,000 readers. It's unclear whether the sweep had anything to do with FanLib, though fans point to vigilante groups that have been dogging LiveJournal for over a month."

As an FYI, yes, yes, I know about WFI. We're still learning the details (there's another group that's targeted LJ, too) so it doesn't make sense to post what's caused the problem until we know more.

ETA: Barak Berkowitz, Chairman and CEO Six Apart has responded: Well we really screwed this one up.
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I'm forcing this to be brief, because I really have to finish my essay, damnit.

But something I haven't seen mentioned yet, in regards to fanlib trying to drag FF.N and Livejournal's names through the mud for being for-profit (which FF.N isn't, though LiveJournal is).

FF.N and Livejournal genuinely care about their members (well, it's not Xing's fault that his site's full of shitty fic). So, even if we think the site is horrible (as in the case of FF.N) and never go on it ever again, we still respect it and defend it when it's wronged.

And Livejournal, which definitely is for-profit, clearly treats us as intelligent individuals, cares about us, etc, so much that they've earned our loyalty. Even when a big block of accounts gets suspended (fandom_wank's down so I don't have the links, but there've been some posts on it over the internets) on Livejournal, no one's bitching at them about it, because we tried to see it from their perspective and understand what's going on, we know they didn't have much of a choice, etc, etc.

FanLib, on the other hand, is going so far in the opposite direction that everyone's baffled at how badly they're shooting themselves in the feet. And the legs. And the knees.



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