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So the TOS and the FAQ have been re-written, and most of us agree that they have been improved somewhat. Yet there are still some very odd things, the oddest of which in my opinion is this passage from the FAQ:

What kinds of stories does FanLib not accept?

We do not accept material that violates our Acceptable Use policy as set forth in our Terms of Service. We respect rights holders, and you should not submit stories related to works by the creators listed here.

If you click on "here," you find yourself... on a Wikipedia page titled "Creators who do not acquiesce to fan fiction." A page, moreover, that has been proposed for deletion. And I find myself wondering: what is it with FanLib and linking to Wikipedia pages? Are they just too lazy to type up their own list? Or, somewhat more disturbingly, do they not want the responsibility of hosting on their site a list of the authors that they themselves have determined are unfriendly to fanfic? It strikes me that this could be a good get-out clause for them. If another author complains, they can just say, "well, it wasn't on the Wikipedia list," ignoring the fact that anyone can (and does) edit that list.

I wonder what they will do if the list does get deleted?
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ETA: The Interview with Henry Jenkins has also been posted here.
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FanLib's FAQ has been removed.

For those who don't want to click through, it's been replaced with this notice:

We're currently revising our Frequently Asked Questions page. A new version will be posted soon. In the meantime, please feel free to email us at support@fanlib.com or post to the forums.

Thank you.

Wonder if the new one will be proofread before it's posted.


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