Jun. 1st, 2007 02:19 pm
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This Fanlib approach to user generated content isn't just happening to fandom. this article in the technology section of The Guardian Newspaper talks about musical publishers seeking yearly licenses from fansites that quote/archive song lyrics.

And I quote:
    In answer to the question of why aren't we giving away lyrics free now, the better question is, why were we giving them away for all those years? We've looked at the huge demand and decided that this is an untapped income stream."


Now admittedly this product in this instance - the lyrics - do belong to the artists who penned them and haven't been altered, transformed or used in a derivative way by the people hosting them on websites, for the most part. But... I find it oddly mercenary, though not surprising.

The wonder of the web is, for the most part, user generated content, be that meta, discussions, fiction, blogs, lyrics, wikipedia... And I can foresee them trying to force us to pay for access to what we, as a collective, create. And that's on top of paying our ISP's of course.
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Hilary Rosen's newfound zeal for fannish appropriation and online social networking is the subject of an interview in the current issue of Newsweek. (See my January post for additional information.)

Setting aside how interesting it is--for certain values of "interesting"--that she's targeted the lesbian fandom of CBS/Showtime's The L Word as the launch platform for this venture (with help from the Yahoo! Boys of Fanlib); this is very much about reconfiguring and recapturing some of the "mass" that was lost when big media lost control of its audience, and exploiting them for content as well as the ad revenue they generate. Read more...(link goes to my LJ).
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Ok, so it's been discovered that Fanlib has connections with the RIAA.

I ask the questions on behalf of all the little Fanlib users to delusioned by the validation of TPTB to actually research and think.

Who exactly is the RIAA?

Why does Fanlib's connection with them matter?


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