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Ah, man. So, this post of jdsampson's was linked in the comments of scarah's latest post. Although it is way too easy to point out the flaws in her arguments-- kind of like kickboxing a hamster-- I am compelled to take a couple of shots. (Warning: this got very, very, very lengthy.)

eta 1: OK, so I was typing on VERY low blood sugar this afternoon & attributed jdsampson's post to Naomi. Naomi didn't write it; jdsampson did. I can't even blame anyone else, because the comment on scarah's post clearly cites jdsampson as the author, and I must have just read some other comment along the way and gotten jdsampson and Naomi mixed up. I have edited the post to replace all occurrences "Naomi" with "jdsampson," but some of the comments may still say "Naomi." Sorry about this.

eta 2: It appears that jdsampson has deleted the post I responded to. It was originally the very first post in the thread. The thread is still there, but her post has disappeared. However, I did quote 90% of it in my own post, so simply by reading the statements in italics, you can piece it together yourself.

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There's a pretty LOLarious thread in the forums where everyone is patting themselves on the back for how much more awesome FanLib is than LJ. I guess to FanLib's credit, they didn't actually suspend the bible fic, they just re-rated it to be filtered. Even though it's one of the few (only?) "fandoms" they have that's on totally stable ground, legally. I don't think the prophets are gonna be sending them a C&D any time soon.

Stats compared with a couple days ago:

Harry Potter: Non-adult: 513, was 521. Including adult: 553, was 556. (The number of adult fics does appear to have gone up by a few here, but I wonder if they just got re-rated by admins.)

CSI: Non-adult: 149, I think it was 150? Including adult: 181, was 189.

LOTR: Non-adult: 65, was 86. Including adult: 71, was 92.


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